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Twitter Open Redirection Vulnerability

1. Advisory Information

Advisory ID: BONSAI-2010-0108
Date published: 2010-08-03
Vendors contacted: Twitter
Release mode: Coordinated release

2. Vulnerability Information

Class: Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards
Remotely Exploitable: Yes
Locally Exploitable: Yes

3. Software Description

Twitter is a rich source of instant information. Stay updated. Keep others updated. It's a whole thing.

4. Vulnerability Description

An open redirect is an application that takes a parameter and redirects a user to the parameter value without any validation. This vulnerability is used in phishing attacks to get users to visit malicious sites without realizing it.

5. Vulnerable packages

Twitter < Mon Aug 2, 2010

6. Non-vulnerable packages

Twitter >= Mon Aug 2, 2010

7. Credits

These vulnerabilities were discovered Nahuel Grisolia ( nahuel at ).

8. Technical Description

Twitter was prone to an open redirection vulnerability because the software failed to adequately sanitize user-supplied input. The following proof of concept is given: Without having a valid twitter session browse to:

After a successful login, the user will be forwarded to

9. Report Timeline

  1. 2010-07-01:
  2. Vulnerability was identified.

  3. 2010-07-06:
  4. First answer from Twitter.

  5. 2010-07-06 to 2010-08-02:
  6. Multiple emails from Bonsai Research Team. No answer was given.

  7. 2010-08-02:
  8. Twitter sent us an email stating that the vulnerability was patched.

  9. 2010-08-03:
  10. Public Disclosure.

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11. Disclaimer

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