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Penetration Test

Bonsai’s Penetration Test Training course focuses on compromising an organization’s computer assets using the same techniques, tools and methodologies real attackers will use. This is a highly technical, hands-on course in which the speaker will explain a new technique to be later put into practice within the testing environment specially designed for the course.

Our teaching experience helped us create the best Penetration Test Training, which is oriented towards information security consultants, network administrators, information security officers and experienced developers with an information security background.

The training environment includes the following applications and operating systems; intrusion techniques will be taught for each of them:

  1. Windows XP
  2. Windows 2000
  3. Windows 2003
  4. Ubuntu Server
  5. Cisco IOS
  1. IIS 5.0
  2. IIS 6.0
  3. Apache 2
  4. MySQL
  5. MS SQL Server
  6. SSH
  7. ... and many, many more.


The training deliverables include:

  1. Booklet with the training course slides
  2. Live CD with the Penetration Testing tools used during the training

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