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Training an organization’s staff goes beyond just increasing their technical knowledge. Training improves your organization’s image before your customers, it motivates the staff and speeds up decision making along the organization. Organizations with highly qualified employees will achieve excellent short and mid-term financial results.

Employees at Bonsai are widely experienced in computer information security training, and have given seminars and trainings worldwide. Our training courses are focused at teaching through practice, with clear examples that can be reproduced by participants in a testing environment specially developed for them to learn. Our training areas of expertise are as follows:

  1. Web Application Security Training
  2. New OWASP TOP 10 Based Training Course
  3. Penetration Test Training
  4. w3af Training

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Education Partners

To be able to deliver our trainings in the New York City area, Bonsai partnered with NopSec.

NopSec is a New York based IT Security Services company delivering value-added IT security services to its customers, starting with IT security risk identification to security vulnerability assessments and penetration testing of various parts of the corporate network infrastructure.

Not finding what you need? We also develop customized trainings!

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