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With excelent results, we delivered information security consulting services for FCP Consulting. (June 2011)
With great success, we gived the training OWASP TOP 10 Based Training Course for Teletech developers and QA testers. (May 2011)
Bonsai's staff has shown a high expertise in information security; demonstrating not only their knowledge and expertise but their human touch, when accompanying our projects. Daniel Marino, Chief Security Officer
With great success, we gived the training Web Application Security for Neoris developers in Rosario, Santa Fe. (October 2010)
Far beyond our expectations, the "Web Security with w3af" training was a good opportunity to refresh our body of knowledge on Web security penetration testing and help structure the fragmented bulk information. On this solid ground, running tests with the power of w3af made us work more effectively. Andrés Riancho from Bonsai Information Security, in addition to his well-known proficiency, was an engaged and motivating trainer. With training methodology, the attendees were totally engaged and enjoyed the five training days. Yilmaz Cankaya, Chief Information Security Researcher
Bonsai provided us with a training on Web Application Security and the HTTP infrastructure that supports the applications, which will allow us to increase the security level of our Web applications in the short and long term. The technical and educational experience from the speaker are excellent and helped the attendees understand the most complex subjects. Nestor Barboza, Chief of Unix Infraestructure