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Ekoparty 2010 “Hackers go corporate”: Breakfast with CIOs, CEOs and CTOs

October 4th, 2010
A new event was organized as part of the sixth edition of the Ekoparty Security Conference: “Hackers Go Corporate”, and as usual our team was there to establish new relationships and strengthen the ones we already have with our current customers.

In the event, CIOs, CEOs and CTOs from the most important Argentinean companies shared a cup of coffee with the some of the best information security experts from around the world. The event’s objective was to close down the gap between managers and the matters that hackers talk about at the Ekoparty Security Conference.

Andrés Riancho, Bonsai’s CEO, delivered a speech called “Less buffer overflows, more SQL injections” in which he urged the audience to change the way their Web applications are developed. “Nowadays, hackers choose to attack Web applications over daemons like Apache or IIS; and the reason is very simple: Web applications of today are still developed with the same security features the 90’s” Andrés said.

To make Web applications more secure, companies need to change their obsolete development methodologies and integrate security in the software development life cycle. But how do we start? What’s the first step? According to Andrés, the road to secure code starts with performing code reviews and Web application penetration tests, training developers and QA employees in OWASP Top10 and inviting security experts to the design meetings.

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Web Application Security Training in Buenos Aires

June 5th, 2009

Bonsai’s information security trainings are usually delivered in-company, but after receiving numerous requests we organized our first open training where employees from different organizations can attend.

The training course is going to be delivered in four classes of three and a half hours, from 18:30 to 22:00 on Tuesdays; starting July the 14th, and is going to be delivered by Andrés Riancho.

More information about the Web Application Security Training in Buenos Aires can be found here.

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