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TOP 3 talks @ Confidence – Poland

April 28th, 2009

Following the spirit of the previous post regarding the interesting talks at OWASP Poland, here is the list of talks I find interesting at CONFidence:

  • Social engineering for penetration testers, by Sharon Conheady. I always enjoy the social engineering talks. It’s like learning Jedi mind control tricks!
  • Public transport SMS ticket hacking, by Pavol Luptak. Hardware hacking is something I won’t be able to in my life, and that is why I find it so interesting.
  • VAASeline: VNC Attack Automation Suite, by Rich Smith. Are they really so many VNC servers out there? Was it really necessary to build VAASeline? I want my answers, so I’ll be there :)

The whole conference line-up sounds interesting, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it a lot. See you there!

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